Visit from Service Alberta

Visit from Service Alberta

On Wednesday, CCI had the pleasure of welcoming Brian Malkinson, Minister of Service Alberta, to our Calgary office. The Minister came to discuss Alberta’s broadband strategy, and our leadership team presented some of our newest tech (and a couple of exciting upcoming expansions!).

CCI is looking forward to working with the provincial government’s towards its goals to improve connectivity in rural communities.

Thank you for the visit, Mister Minister!

Essential Service Goals

The federal targets for high speed internet connectivity are for 95% of Canadians to have the option of choosing a home internet plan with speeds of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload before 2022. At the moment, CCI is able to meet this goal ahead of schedule in 12 areas with CCI Wired and Caroline Wi-Fibre, with expansions coming in the future.