Thank you for your patience during summer storms

Last week, the severe weather damaged power lines all over central Alberta. Several of our towers were affected, meaning many customers were without internet. Thanks to our awesome crews of technicians and the power company’s electricians who worked through the storm, CCI Wireless was able to reconnect relatively quickly.

We appreciate all of the messages from our understanding customers – your patience is invaluable. We know how much our customers rely on their internet connections to reach their families and for their business needs.

Check for weather warnings and planned service disruptions on our Twitter feed.

Here’s a piece of our favourite feedback from the storm, because it shows how great it is to serve Albertans who have that famous “Western Hospitality”!

Cathy from Bluffton, AB:

I have been a customer for over 4 years for my internet and phone.  This past week has been one of the biggest challenges for me in all that time.  I work from home and not being able to be in contact with my clients was so stressful.


I understand the weather was out of your control and your people working hard to get us back up must have been the worst for you as well…


You know, in the world of so much criticism and short tempers I am a firm believer in praise and good service.  I am so grateful  that you have people like Lanre working for you  and that your training has given him the skills and patience to deal with people like me.

By “people like me” Cathy must have meant “rural entrepreneurs who make our day.”

Thank you again for your patience.