Registration Guide

Please be advised that CCI Wireless has recently implemented a new Customer Portal System.

Existing Customers will need to re-register to access the portal. Please follow these four simple steps to re-register.
If you have already re-registered, login normally. If you encounter a problem, please contact Customer Care.



Step 1:


You will have received an email containing a code unique to your account. Take note of this code.

Open the CCI Wireless Customer Portal as usual.

 Step 2:


On the “Customer Portal” page, there is “”Sign In” and “Redeem Invitation” tabs. Choose “Redeem Invitation.” In the space provided, type or paste the code emailed to you. Hit Register.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT click check box that says “I have an existing account.”

The portal will request you to enter a new password. Please make note of this password.


Step 3:


When a valid code has been entered, a confirmation email will be sent to the same email address. Once this email is received, click on “Complete Registration” within the body of the email. This will open your web browser.

Sign in with the password created in Step 2.

Step 4:


This is what the portal will look like when you are signed in.

Fill in your customer information. Select “Update” when finished.



Thank you for completing the registration process.

If you continue to have issues, please Contact Us.

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