CCI now offers launched hard-wired internet service in the Village of Delburne, AB.


We’re pleased to have started off the new year by adding a new residential service area. Our internet solution for Delburne have been quite a while in the making, and we finally had the satisfaction of “lighting up” our CCI Wired service JUST before Christmas!

Delburne is CCI’s 18th Wired Town. Our Wired services provide unlimited data with speeds up to 50 Mbps. Wired is our most reliable internet connection, using a hard-wired DSL connection to plug in directly to your home, unlike our classic wireless solutions for rural Alberta.

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The Village of Delburne is home to about 1,000 residents in Red Deer County. There are unusual infrastructure challenges that left the village with limited connectivity options, all the way into the new decade. CCI has been exploring ways to connect Delburne for about three years, and we worked with our major commercial partners to bring this new, most reliable internet option in town.

True to Our Mission

Delburne’s need for an unusual solution and its placement in Central Alberta make connecting this village especially true to CCI’s organizational mission and founding principles – to find innovative ways to connect Alberta’s under-served rural areas! Our gas co-op founders named Corridor Communications Inc. (CCI) after the “corridor” of prairie between Calgary and Edmonton, an area that needed better connectivity.

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How Wired Works

Unlike our Wireless service, CCI Wired uses existing town infrastructure to feed a hard-wired connection to homes in small Alberta communities. Our partnership with TELUS allows CCI to deliver internet through copper phone lines, resulting in reliable internet without a huge construction cost. The hard-wired connection provides a higher-speed offering to each home within the town site.


Can You Get Wired?

If you live within a Wired Town or you are within two kilometers of the town site, you can access Wired services. Due to signal degradation over longer distances, we cannot provide Wired service more than a couple kilometers outside town.

Our Calgary contact centre agents are ready to help you get the best plan for your needs. Speeds vary by location, so get in touch with us to get a speed quote for your exact address.