Wi-Fibre Launching in La Crete

Wi-Fibre Zone in La Crete

Get up to 100 Mbps in La Crete!

­­­Announcing the upcoming launch of a Wi-Fibre Zone in La Crete, AB! This is probably no secret to those who are in-and-around La Crete – you have probably seen the construction of five tiny internet towers!

La Crete is our second Wi-Fibre Zone, after our flagship solution in the Village of Caroline.

An important feature of CCI’s Wi-Fibre solution is that any building in town can choose the best plan. As long as you live within the Hamlet of La Crete, CCI should be able to provide you with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

CCI already offered internet service to La Crete on a handul of our traditional wireless towers. Bringing our Wi-Fibre solution means that the internet speed on offer within the hamlet will become 10 times faster. This is a community-led initiative: without the vision of Mackenzie County councillors, we could not make this happen.

CCI and Mackenzie County worked for months leading up this initiative and we are extremely proud to offer the residents of La Crete a truly high speed connection that is affordable.

“Community partnership is in CCI’s DNA and comes from being borne out of the co-operative world. La Crete is another example of how we value and collaborate with communities to bring next generation technology forward to help them connect to their future.”

– Jordan Young, CCI Wireless CEO


Where You Can Get Service

As long as you live within the Hamlet of La Crete we should be able to provide you with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Rule of Thumb: If the location you’d like to connect falls on the map below, we can connect you to Wi-Fibre (installation is still subject to our agent confirming there is an appropriate signal strength). If you are not on this map, please check our regular wireless service map.

See yourself on the map? You can sign up online. If you’re not sure, we’re always happy to take your call: Contact Us.

Get Pre-Sale Deal

Service Will be Live in June

Service is not quite live yet. While construction might already be finished, we have to spend time making sure all of our radio equipment is perfectly aligned and configured to deliver the best possible, reliable internet to the entire hamlet.

In the meantime, we are now offering our Pre-Sale! When we launch new service areas, we have our best deals.

Sign up now, and you’ll get our best deals, and you’ll be first in line to book an installation appointment. We aim to book appointments in late May or early June.

Offer for New Customers

Sign up before our services go live to get our Pre-Sale offer! Sign up before or on July 31, 2019 to get your install at a discounted price! Save $50 with the Internet 50 plan, or save $100 with the Internet 100 plan! The sign-up bonus also offers a discounted plan price for the first three months of service (on a two-year contract). Offer expires July 31, 2019.

Savings on Wi-Fibre Plans:

Internet 30
With Sign Up Bonus pricing, you save $75!
Internet 50
With Sign Up Bonus pricing AND $50 off your install, you save $158!
Internet 100
With Sign Up Bonus pricing AND $100 of your install, you save $250!

See Wi-Fibre Plans

Appreciation for Loyal Customers

Since CCI already offered wireless service in the area, many existing customers will be eligible to switch to Wi-Fibre and choose another plan with up to 10 times the speed.

To switch customers from a Wireless Plan to a Wi-Fibre Plan, we need to visit you to replace or at least re-align your outdoor equipment. Any current CCI customers living within La Crete with a serviceable street address can switch to Wi-Fibre services, with a free-of-charge installation appointment. Once we are booking installs, our Customer Care Team will be calling all eligible customers in La Crete to offer this switch. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out now.

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Coming Soon: FREE Wi-Fi in Jubilee Park!

We aim for our Wi-Fibre Zones to make small-town Alberta just like  the city, where you are connected everywhere. Soon after we start booking installs, you’ll be able to test our speeds in Jubilee Park! There will be free Wi-Fi to visitors. The Jubilee Free Wi-Fi isn’t live yet, but when it is, we will let you know how to login.

CCI tower in Jubilee Park, La Crete

Your Local Agent

CCIs Authorized Agent & Installer for Mackenzie County is Mike Wieler, of BlueTree Industries. Mike has been doing a fantastic job on our wireless installs for over a year. When you choose Wi-Fibre, Mike will provide your install. You can even sign up through Mike if you need re-assurance from a local!
Phone: 780-841-9025
Email: bluetreeind@gmail.com

How Wi-Fibre Works

We’ve combined the power of fibre with the versatility of our classic wireless towers, showing that small town Alberta can get scalable, city-like internet speeds without any pricey, “fibre-to-the-premise” infrastructure.

Small, lamp post sized towers throughout a Wi-Fibre Zone allow each and every resident to reliably access up to 100 Mbps! Each little tower is connected by fibre-optic cables, so any customer is only one step away from a direct fibre connection. This new and unique connectivity solution is designed to deliver reliable, truly high speed internet service at an affordable price for small towns, villages and hamlets.

If you’re a councilor interested in Wi-Fibre for your town, email us here.