It’s Time to Prepare for Lightning Season

It is almost summer time! Did you know that summer also means that it is lightning season?

Summer storms can cause disconnections through something called a power “surge.” CCI wants to take a moment to make sure you’re protected against internet downtime, power surges and unexpected service fees.

If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid power surges until now, they’re essentially quick spikes in electrical current. These spikes, caused by either lightning or a spike from your electrical provider, will quite often disable your modem. They also overload your appliances, including your equipment from CCI, causing them to break. The indoor modem portion of your CCI Wireless equipment is the most likely piece of equipment to be affected by a “power spike,” but the good news is you can easily protect your equipment against these spikes.

There is a fee to receive a new indoor modem, and there will be three to four days of down time for your internet service while Canada Post delivers to your door. This kind of damage to the modem is not covered by modem’s manufacturer warranty and there is cost associated with modem replacement.

To help you reduce your risk of unexpected internet downtime and new modem fees, CCI strongly advises your indoor modem’s PoE Cable is plugged into a surge protector. The surge protector will protect any electronic devices from getting “fried”! If you don’t already have one equipped with PoE ports, we can provide you with a high-quality surge protector at an excellent price.

To make it easier for our customers, you’re now able to order a surge protector conveniently through Email, Facebook or Twitter message.

The PRIME Home Entertainment Surge Protector is only $34.99 when bought directly from CCI, with varying shipping rates:

New Customer

Mailed with modem
FREE shipping

Existing Customer

Mailed individually
$9.99 shipping

Existing Customer

Mailed with new modem after surge
$19.99 shipping (+ $60 modem!)


If you aren’t sure your current surge protector is right for your home internet equipment, feel free to reach out.


To reach out via Open CCI’s Facebook or CCI’s Twitter, create a new Private Message, and let us know:

  1. That you would like to order a surge protector,
  2. The name on your CCI account,
  3. A piece of personal contact information that can be found on your account– phone, email, address or account number – so that we can confirm who you are.

We’ll follow up via email to your account, letting you know that the surge protector is being shipped to your home address and it being charged to your next monthly balance.

Our Terms and Conditions concerning weather and equipment failure are always available online.