Managing Your Contract:

Installation, Hibernation & Cancellation

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Installation & Activation

Sign Up Process

Wireless internet connections require a clear “Line of Sight” to provide quality connections. Our agents use your exact location to determine if you are a good candidate for service. Our installers arrive with the intention to install and verify signal strength at that time. If we are unable to connect you without additional equipment, you may choose to cancel your contract – no problem, no pressure.

Two-Year Term


One-Time Fee

Month-to-Month Terms


One-Time Fee


Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

Modem (Wi-Fi enabled)

Up to 30 feet of Ethernet Cable

Up to 2 hours Installer Labour


Customer must be present at the time of installation!

Any additional height required to get a quality signal is the responsibility of the customer to purchase and is not included in the installation cost.

Additional height can be purchase from the installer at the time of the installation.

No deposit required when you sign up for a Two-Year Term!

A deposit is required on a Month-to-Month Term only.  For 2-Year Term, the installation fee will be due on your first invoice with CCI Wireless.

A “No Show” Fee ($100 one-time fee) may be applied by the installer if the customer is not present for installation and does not provide 24 hours’ notice (1 business day) for cancellation.

* Plans are governed by our Terms of Acceptable Use policy

Unlimited High Speed Rural Internet

Seasonal Hibernation Plan

Hibernation Set Up Fee


One-time charge (Lifetime)

Monthly Plan


Your Monthly rate on Hibernation

Perfect for snowbirds and seasonal vacation homes

If you aren’t using your services for months at a time, set up a Seasonal Hibernation plan! Pay a one-time $75 fee and we’ll put your services to sleep, on your schedule. Your monthly bill will be reduced to $8 for up to six months at a time, no matter your plan.

Choosing Hibernation allows you to avoid account cancellation or reactivation fees. The “Lifetime” Seasonal Hibernation Fee is a one-time fee payable on the first seasonal deactivation only.  You may deactivate and reactivate your service two times annually, for up to a six month period.  Hibernation is not available for Home Phone services at this time.

Get in touch to set up Hibernation in just minutes:

1-888-240-2224 | customercare@cciwireless.ca

Cancellation of Services

Need to leave us? We need to speak to you on the phone to cancel your services.

You may be required to pay a cancellation fee if you are within your contract term. Our contract cancellation fees decrease along with the time remaining in your contract. Your monthly bill will be pro-rated from the cancellation date.

If you move to a new location and do not wish to continue your CCI services, or if you are moving to a non-serviceable area, the appropriate cancellation fee will apply.

Hardware purchased is non-refundable and the balance of any hardware payment plan in place is due at the time of cancellation.

Within 12 Months of Sign Up


to end Two-Year Term

After 12-24 Months of Service

$20 – 200

to end Two-Year Term ($20 for every month of
contract remaining, up to $200)



to end Month-to-Month Terms

After 24 Months of Service


to end Two-Year Term



to end Month-to-Month Terms

Cancellation fee structure applies to all monthly service plans, including Internet Service Plans, Home Phone Plans, and Satellite TV Plans.