VOIP Home Phone

Cut the cord and go wireless – add a CCI Home Phone to your plan!

Instead of using a traditional phone line, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows you to make phone calls with your same handset and phone number, using your internet connection. All CCI home internet equipment is ready to provide phone service upon installation. Home Phone service can be bundled with your CCI internet service at any time, and you’ll get monthly savings!

Quality sound with feature-rich calling at a low monthly rate

Home Phone Plans

Home Phone Plan

Unlimited Alberta


per month

Fall into Savings: 24-month discount when you Bundle!*


  Unlimited Local Calling
call anywhere in Alberta

North American Long Distance
3.5¢/minute or $2.10/hour

Overseas Long Distance
Rates vary by country – check Rate Card

  Limited Time Offer: Save on all your services when you bundle with your internet contract – Current and new customers eligible*

*See Bundle Offers

Home Phone Plan

Unlimited North America


per month

Fall into Savings: 24-month discount when you Bundle!*


  Unlimited Local Calling
Call anywhere in Alberta 

  Unlimited North American Long Distance
Call anywhere on the continent (1) 

  Overseas Long Distance
Rates vary by country – check Rate Card 

  Limited Time Offer: Save on all your services when you bundle with your internet contract – Current and new customers eligible*

*See Bundle Offers

Included Phone Features

The calling features you need, at no additional cost

High Quality Phone Line
Our service prioritizes phone calls over other connections to your internet, ensuring a clear call every time

Voicemail Portal
Check your voicemail messages online from anywhere

Have your voicemail messages transcribed and emailed to you automatically

Caller ID
Displays caller information for incoming calls

Phone Number Porting
Keep your current phone number* with an Alberta area code

Call Forwarding
Easily forward calls to your mobile phone when you aren’t available at home

Caller ID Block
Prevent your information from appearing on the receiver’s device when you make an outgoing call

Call Blocking
Easily block specific phone numbers from contacting you (like telemarketers) 

Accept Collect Calls
Unlike most VOIP providers, CCI Home Phone CAN accept collect calls.

The Fine Print

All Plans are covered by our General Terms & Conditions and our Terms of Acceptable Use.
CCI Home Phone plans are covered by our 9-1-1 & VOIP Terms & Conditions.
(1) CCI reserves the right to bill customers for charges incurred by calling local, long distance and/or international toll centres (Rate Centres that independently charge non-standard fees). Unlimited North American calling plans include long distance service to nearly all of  Canada, United States, and Mexico. In the event that customer activity results in fees incurred from a rate center not included in the unlimited plan, CCI Wireless reserves the right to bill a customer for these charges on a cost-plus-10% basis, and CCI Wireless shall provide evidence of these charges to the customer.

* Save when you sign a new contract: Promotional and Bundle Pricing requires a new 2-Year Contract. Promotional offerings may change without notice.

Getting Started with VOIP

If you already have a CCI internet connection, you’re already set up to cut the cord. Whether you’re new to CCI or adding Home Phone to your existing internet service, here’s what you need to know when switching to VOIP:

Plan to Keep Your Phone Number

You can keep your current phone number (provided that you have an Alberta area code) or choose to have a new phone number assigned to you*.

Available Area Codes:

  • 403
  • 780
  • 587
  • 825

Transferring your phone number to CCI’s service requires us to “port” your phone number from your current provider. It can take up to 5 business days for your current provider to port a phone number.

Important: For your phone number to be ported, your phone line must be active and still belonging to you. If your phone plan is cancelled or disconnected before transferring your number, it is unlikely that CCI will be able to reactivate it for your VOIP Home Phone service.

*New phone numbers are subject to availability within your local calling area (rate centre). There is a small chance that there will be no local phone numbers available in a given geographical area.

Use Your Own Equipment

Switching from a traditional connection to VOIP is easy. You don’t need an installation appointment, and any existing telephone, fax and in-house wiring is compatible with our Home Phone service.

After plugging in a cable and spending 5-10 minutes on the phone with our Tech Support team, your VOIP Home Phone will be ready to use.

If you choose not to do a self-install, our standard Service Call fee of $150 will apply, and activation will be delayed by booking the appointment.

Keep Your Emergency Response Details Updated

Because VOIP is a digital service, emergency calls to 9-1-1 are routed to your local emergency response centre slightly differently than traditional landline service. You are responsible for keeping your name, location and other contact information associated with your phone number up-to-date.

See VOIP 9-1-1 Terms & Conditions

Update 911 Information 

Install & Set Up Fees

VOIP Set Up & Install is included in a standard internet installation appointment for new CCI customers.


Standard Set Up

Your equipment already works, so there is no install fee or wait time. If you’re a new internet customer, phone can be set up as soon as your internet is live.


On-Site Installation

If you don’t want to self-install, we’re here to help. If you choose to have a professional installation, there is a One-Time Fee for the site visit.

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