Do you have a seasonal vacation home? Are you a snowbird?

If you aren’t using your services for months at a time, set up a Seasonal Hibernation plan! Pay a one-time $75 fee and we’ll put your services to sleep, on your schedule. Your monthly bill will be reduced to $8 for up to six months at a time, no matter your plan.

Choosing Hibernation allows you to avoid account cancellation or reactivation fees. The “Lifetime” Seasonal Hibernation Fee is a one-time fee payable on the first seasonal deactivation only.  You may deactivate and reactivate your service two times annually, for up to a six month period.  Hibernation is not available for Home Phone services at this time.

Get in touch to set up Hibernation in minutes:

1-888-240-2224 | customercare@cciwireless.ca