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This is our hub for Frequently Asked Questions and User Guides for all topics. If there is something missing, or you’d simply like to speak to an agent about your query, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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FAQ by Topic

FAQ: About CCI & Getting Started

Read About Us & Our Story

How can I find out if service is available in my area?

While our ability to connect homes is significantly impacted by the surrounded geography, such as trees, hills and buildings that block our signals, we can provide a good approximation of our service area here: CCI Coverage Map.

To check your specific location, please call us at 1-888-240-2224, or email sales@cciwireless.ca with your street address or legal land location (blue sign).

How do I sign up for service?

If you are within our service area, please call us at 1-888-240-2224 to get started! When you hear the recorded phone menu, dial Option 2 for “New Customer.”

Because of the variable availability of wireless internet, we must speak to you on the phone to sign you up for CCI Wireless services.

Is there a cost to me if my installation fails?

No. If our technician is unable to install or successfully test the service, there will be no cost to you. If you were trying to become a Business customer, any deposit made will be refunded (deposits are not required for new residential customers).

When you sign up, our technician will arrive at your home for a “Site Check,” with the intention to install if we are able to do so. If the technician arrives and ascertains that you would require additional equipment to complete a successful install (e.g. more cabling, a tripod for extra height), you will be able to refuse the install because of the additional cost. If you do accept the additional cost, this may be an agreement between you and the third-party installer, depending on the item.

See Set Up & Installation details.

Who do I contact if I have technical questions or need to report a service issue?

View Our Full Contact Info & Hours

We’re here for you! Our fully-staffed Calgary call centre is open 365 days/year. Tech Support is available Monday-Friday, 7AM – Midnight and on Weekends and Holidays, 8AM – 5PM.

To report a service problem or ask technical questions, please call our Tech Support team at 1-888-240-2224 (Option 1 then 2), or email techsupport@cciwireless.ca.

For general inquiries, sales, and billing questions, call the Customer Care team at 1-888-240-2224 or email customercare@cciwireless.ca.

Who do I contact with general questions?

View Our Full Contact Info & Hours

You are very welcome to contact our Customer Care team by phone at 1-888-240-2224 or by email at customercare@cciwireless.ca. Customer Care is available Monday – Friday, 8AM – 8PM.

Customer Care is happy to assist new customers and assisting with account changes, plan changes, billing inquiries and more.

FAQ: Our Technology

What is WiMAX?

WiMAX stands for “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.” Essentially, it is the signal that delivers the internet connection from our towers to the radio on your home. This can be referred to as “last mile” access to the internet.

More precisely, WiMAX is a 4G wireless technology that enables high-speed transmission of data over long distances from your outdoor CPE device to our transmission towers.  It is flexible, fast and secure.

CCI Wireless’ original network was deployed using WiMAX connections. While WiMAX is by no means obsolete, we are now installing new customers using LTE or Cambium technology. These newer connection types are more efficient with our licensed spectrum, allowing for a larger number of customers, all with higher speed packages, on each tower.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and WiMAX?

Wi-Fi is the wireless technology used to connect computers to a wireless access point, for example, a wireless router. It is usually used on local networks, such as homes and coffee shops. Wi-Fi can serve a small area, measurable in metres, with an internet connection you can access without having your device plugged into the source of the signal.  In large areas, like train stations, sports arenas and schools, there are many access points around the location.

Wi-Fi is a “contention-based technology” where all connections vie for use of the same channel and share bandwidth… in plain English, this means that when you are using a Wi-Fi connection, your device is competing for bandwidth with all other devices connected to the same network. This is why your internet connection may appear to “slow down” when you use many devices at once.

WiMAX is a technology that allows long distance connections, measurable in kilometres, to the internet via a local transmission unit and a network of transmission towers. It is superior to Wi-Fi as it provides more control of client access speeds. WiMAX is one of the connection types used by CCI Wireless to connect your home to the internet.

What is LTE?

LTE is the latest in radio-communications technology. It stands for “Long Term Evolution.”  It allows for much greater data transfer than WiMax technology, allowing more consistent and higher speeds. CCI Wireless is gradually replacing original WiMAX technology with LTE on all its towers. New towers are being deployed with only LTE and Cambium technology.

What is a CPE?

CPEs are the “customer premise equipment” that live outside your home attached to the side of your home or your roof. These are “sister radios” to to the equipment on our towers, to which they are connection by radio signals (WiMAX, Cambium or LTE signals).

Don’t worry – we’ll determine which type of CPE is appropriate for your particular location and proximity to our transmission towers.

What is DSL?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and refers to an internet delivery method that is a little different than our classic wireless solutions. Launched in 2016, we call this service CCI Wired.

In partnership with TELUS, CCI uses existing phone line infrastructure to deliver internet, similarly to old dial-up solutions. Our Wired plans provide up to 50 Mbps and are the most reliable rural internet option, since it is unaffected by weather. Inside the home, a modem/router creates a wi-fi network just like any other home internet connection.

Learn about CCI Wired.

What is Wi-Fibre?

“Wi-Fibre” is a service delivery method that is a hybrid of fibre and wireless connectivity. This new and unique connectivity solution is designed to deliver reliable, truly high speed internet service at an affordable price for small towns, villages and hamlets.

Our Wi-Fibre solution is a viable alternative to fibre-to-the-premise solutions at a fraction of the cost, showing that small town Alberta can get scalable, city-like internet speeds without any pricey, invasive infrastructure. Small, lamp post sized towers throughout a Wi-Fibre Zone allow each and every building to reliably access up to 100 Mbps. Each little tower is connected by fibre-optic cables, so any customer is only one step away from a direct fibre connection.

Learn about Wi-Fibre.

How secure is the service?

Every possible precaution has been taken to keep your data secure. We incorporate state-of-the-art encryption technology to secure your wireless connection and every part of our network is monitored 24 hours a day by our Network Operations Centre (NOC). All the equipment at your home has built-in firewalls and advanced data encryption. All traffic over-the-air (OTA) is encrypted.

The CPE’s firewall will prevent would-be attackers from reaching your computers through the internet, as long as you have not created a hole for them by downloading and running programs or files from untrusted sources. We suggest you take the necessary precautions on your home WiFi network to protect against intruders. We also suggest that you look into installing anti-virus protection on your PC to protect against viruses and other “malware” on the internet, since CCI Wireless does not restrict or filter any content you may choose to access.

What’s an IP address?

“IP” stands for “Internet Protocol.” This is an address, like your home’s street address, that identifies where your computer can be found by other computers connected to the internet. Your IP address is a long, unique number made up of digits separated by periods.

An IP address is linked to any online activity, and every internet connected device has one, including PCs and smart phones. Whenever you do anything online, your IP address is sent out and the data you “request” in your action will be delivered to that address, or uploaded from it to another destination on the internet. All of this happens in milliseconds.

IP addresses are not permanent. An IP address can be assigned by another computer, or it can be configured manually whenever it needs to change.

FAQ: Email

Updating Email Encryption Settings

If this information applies to you, you will have been notified by CCI. Please reach out to us if you aren’t certain what to do with this information.

There has been a worldwide increase in attacks against email accounts everywhere. To better protect all our customers, we are keeping up with the latest security precautions.

Please be aware: To protect all of our customers, it is now mandatory to use standard encryption settings when you are using your @cciwireless.ca email address in a third-party email. As of May 25th, if you are not using standard encryption, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to send or receive messages via your @cciwireless.ca email address.

Please update your settings according to the guides below to avoid any disruption.


Easy Guides to Update Your Settings

Setting secure encryption is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. You can follow one of these step-by-step guides, and our Tech Support team is also available to help.

Choose the third-party email client you use: 

NOTE: You will need to repeat these steps on all devices you use. For example, if you use Outlook on your desktop computer, AND you use an Outlook mobile app, you will have to update the encryption settings in both.


Getting Assistance

Unfortunately, we cannot make these changes automatically for our customers because they are personal settings on your device. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any trouble with the step-by-step guides, we are happy to help you make these changes. You will need to be on the phone with our Tech Support team so that we may walk you through the process. If you are using a desktop, you can allow us remote access to your device for us to update the settings with your live supervision.

Full Contact Info & Hours

How do I login to my CCI email?

Please view the User Guides section below and view the E-Mail Setup Guide that corresponds to the e-mail software you are using. For assistance or to add additional email accounts, you may also contact our technical support team at 1-888-240-2224.

What is the difference between email and Webmail?

Webmail is simply an online email client. CCI Webmail allows you to access your email@cciwireless.ca email, contacts, and settings through your internet browser.

Is CCI Webmail free?

Yes, CCI Wireless webmail is free as is the email address you create with us.  You can choose to use your email@cciwireless.ca email in a paid client, like Microsoft Outlook.

The actual interface in our Webmail portal is tied to our third-party email providers. Since we switched to a new provider to provide new features and better security, the layout has changed (March 2019).

The major benefit of this change is that our email server will become cloud-based, and therefore won’t be affected by outages caused by CCI or any of our upstream providers. Our customers will also benefit from a more sophisticated spam filter, and from an increased ability of our Tech Support team to troubleshoot issues when they happen.

It’s easy! You can get a CCI Wireless email address, for example your.name@cciwireless.ca, in a matter of minutes. Just call Tech Support at 1-888-240-2224. Our agents will quickly verify that you are the account holder and add the email address to your account. We can also walk you through using your new CCI address in your preferred email program.

Are you not receiving emails when you should, or a message won’t send? Try these steps:

  • Check to see if it is your internet connection or your email: Open your preferred web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari) and try to open any web page. If you cannot connect to any web page, please follow the steps in Section 1, “Unable to Connect to the Internet.”
  • If you have connectivity to the internet, check email settings: Please visit the Installation & User Guides page and view the E-Mail Setup Guide that corresponds to the e-mail application you are using.

First, try refreshing your inbox. If the email you were sent contains large files, it may take longer to arrive.

If your “@cciwireless.ca” or “@cciwired.ca” email address is failing to sync in your preferred mail client, you may need to re-add that inbox using the appropriate guide below.

Please view the User Guides section below and view the Email Setup Guide that corresponds to the e-mail software you are using. For assistance or to add additional email accounts, you may also contact our Technical Support team at 1-888-240-2224.

We are very happy to help you with this on the phone – call us at 1-888-240-2224.

Most e-mail programs will work, as long as they support the standard protocols used by our servers. Your installation technician will be able to assist you. See the table of system requirements HERE for a list of common, fully supported, e-mail programs.

Our new email provider, CityMail, has well-written guides to teach you how to do all the basics of emailing: sending, deleting, adding contacts, creating folders, etc.

Click here to see all of these guides.

If you need help with your email password, contact CCI.

If you have any other internet-related issues, contact CCI.

Email us at techsupport@cciwireless.ca if there is a guide we should add.

Click any link to view the document. You may also choose to save the file, by right-clicking a link and choosing the appropriate action from the drop-down menu, for example “Save As.”

All files are in PDF format.

If you ever suspect you are missing an email that you know you should have received, remember to check your Spam folder.

NOTE: Emails sorted into the Spam folder are automatically deleted after 7 days.

If an email from someone you trust ends up in your Spam folder, you can prevent this from happening again by “whitelisting” their email address. Read Instructions here.

FAQ: Payments, Billing, Invoices

How much does it cost to get service from CCI Wireless?

An account will be set up for you once it has been determined that CCI Wireless should be able to install service to your location via sign up with our Customer Care team.  Once service has been installed, a one-time installation fee of $149.95 will be applied to your first bill (on a 2-Year Contract).  If we are unable to install the service due to poor Line of Sight, there are no costs to the customer.

See Set Up & Installation details.

Our internet packages are billed monthly. Plans range from $49.95 to $99.99/month, depending on the speed you choose.

I don’t see the plan I signed up for on your website – where is it?

If you signed up for a plan that you no longer see advertised, one of three things has happened.

1) You are a Legacy Customer.

Customers signed up prior to January 5, 2015 might remain at on “Legacy Plans,” as per their original contract. We upgraded our plan speeds without changing the plan names. We were not able to automatically upgrade all customers because they may have needed new equipment, upgrading all customers at once would affect service quality, and prices changed slightly.

While we recommend that customers upgrade to a plan with a higher value, you may keep your Legacy Plan indefinitely. Equipment upgrades may be dependent on customers agreeing to a currently-offered plan. If you upgrade your plan from a Legacy Plan to a currently offered plan, you will not be able to switch back.

Legacy Plans: 

  • Starter Plan: 1.5 Mbps increased to 2 Mbps
  • Pro Plan: 4 Mbps increased to 5 Mbps
  • Pro Plus Plan: 6 Mbps increased to 10 Mbps

2) We re-branded our plan names. 

To make our plan offerings more straightforward, we have adopted a newer naming system. Plan names now reflect the speed you receive, and the technology type, if it is a technology other than Wireless (e.g. Wired, Fibre, VOIP, Business).

Wi-Fibre Plan names as of April 2019: 

  • “Wi-Fibre Basic” became Internet 30
  • “Wi-Fibre Ultra” became Internet 50
  • “Wi-Fibre Supreme” became Internet 100

Wired Plan names as of May 2019:

  • “Wired Basic” became Wired 10
  • “Wired Ultra” became Wired 15
  • “Wired Supreme” became Wired 25
  • “Wired Max Speed” became Wired 50

3) You have a custom or unadvertised plan. 

We are happy to answer questions about this by phone.

How and when will I be invoiced?

CCI Wireless bills for our services one month in advance. Bills are issued on the first business day of each month. You can choose either a print invoice delivered to your mailing address for $3/month, or you may choose paperless billing.

Our paperless billing is completed electronically via email and comes in a format which you can print and save as needed.

Let us know if you need to update the email address associated with your account. Contact Customer Care at 1-888-240-2224 or at billing@cciwireless.ca.

What are my payment options?

We are flexible with how we accept payments:

1. Pre-authorized monthly withdrawal from bank account, Visa or MasterCard – Download our Pre-Authorized Debit & Credit Agreement.

2. Call Customer Care at 1-888-240-2224 to pay over the phone using a credit card. Note: we CAN accept pre-paid credit cards.

3. Drop off a Cheque at OUR MAIN OFFICE during business hours:
CCI Wireless
Suite #137 – 465 Aviation Road NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7H8

4. Mail a Cheque: (Please do not visit us at this location – we may not be there to answer the door)!
Suite N – 1338 36th Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6T6

5. Online Banking is now available. To use online banking, you must use your bank’s website or app and add CCI Wireless as a payee. If you are unfamiliar, please ask for help at your banking institution.
Current availability of this service, by banking institution:

  • ATB Financial (Alberta Treasury Branch)
  • BMO (Bank of Montreal)
  • CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)
  • Scotiabank (Bank of Nova Scotia)
  • RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)
  • TD Bank (Toronto Dominion Bank)
  • Certain Credit Unions – Please check with your branch.

Please note that online banking payments can take 2-3 business days to reach us. This is the time it takes for the funds to appear at CCI and is not a matter of CCI processing payments slowly. For this reason, a payment made shortly before the payment deadline may result in a late fee or account suspension. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept reference numbers as proof of payment because we do not have access to banking institution data. If you believe you have erroneously or unfairly been charged a late fee, please let us know within 90 days.

Why was I suspended?

We may suspend internet connections when we do not receive payment for over 50 days (one month + 21 days until next billing date). We may not be able to return internet service until we receive payment in full.

Please be aware that if you have an outstanding balance from a previous month, we require that balance to be paid before the 20th of the current month or you may be suspended. For example, let’s say it is February and your monthly bill is $100. If in January you made a $25 payment, your February balance is now $175.  You will need to pay the remaining $75 from the January bill before the February 20th, or you may have your services suspended. If your services are suspended, we may need you to pay your total outstanding balance to have your services restored.

I made a payment, but I was still suspended! What’s up with that?

It is likely that your payment did not reach us in time.

It may take between one and five business days for a online banking payment to reach us. If you are using online banking, we recommend making payment 2-3 days in advance of the payment deadline to ensure we receive the funds.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept reference numbers for proof of payment. This is because the reference number is from your bank and meant for you to be able to track your payments, and we do not have access to any banking records.

Please be aware that if you have an outstanding balance from a previous month, we need that balance to be paid before the 20th of the current month or you may be suspended. For example, let’s say it is February and your monthly bill is $100. If in January you made a $25 payment, your February balance is now $175.  You will need to pay the remaining $75 from the January bill before the February 20th, or you may have your services suspended. If your services are suspended, we may need you to pay your total outstanding balance to have your services restored.

What is the payment due date?

Payment is due on or by the 20th of each month. If payment is not received, a $10 late payment will be applied to your account.

What is the NSF fee?

For pre-authorized payments or cheque payments with non-sufficient funds (NSF), we will charge a $25 fee. This is because NSF transactions result in a fee from our own bank.

What if I wish to cancel my service?

We need to speak to you on the phone to cancel your services. Your monthly bill will be pro-rated from the cancellation date. You may be required to pay a cancellation fee if you are within your contract term.

Hardware purchased is non-refundable and the balance of any hardware payment plan in place is due at the time of cancellation.

Service on a Month-to-Month contract may be cancelled at any time after the 12 months of service with no termination fees. A cancellation charge of $75 is applied if service is cancelled within the first 12 months.

Cancelling Service on a 2-Year Contract within the first 12 months of service will result in a termination fee of $200. After 12 months, the termination fee becomes $20 per month remaining on the term, up to a maximum of $200, whichever is less.

View Cancellation Terms

What if I need to dispute my bill?

We’re happy to help you out with any billing concerns. Contact us through your preferred method. As per our Terms of Acceptable Use, billing complaints or disputes must be made within 90 days of the original date of the issue.

FAQ: VOIP Home Phone

What does “VOIP” mean?

VOIP is “Voice Over Internet Protocol.”  This is a technology that turns analog audio signals, like your phone conversation, into digital information. Essentially, your conversation is carried over the internet. The way you use your phone doesn’t change at all, only the method of transferring your voice does.

Does CCI Wireless phone service require TELUS facilities to operate?

No. Our partnership with TELUS is limited to CCI Wired DSL internet service. Since VOIP uses the internet to carry your conversation, and CCI Wireless connects you to the internet, our Home Phone has no dependencies on other phone company’s local facilities.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

To keep your phone number, CCI Wireless has to “port” the number.  Depending on your area, you may retain your existing number and transfer it to your new CCI Wireless service.  To determine if your area qualifies for portability, please call our Customer Care team at 1-888-240-2224 or email customercare@cciwireless.ca.

If you would like to keep your existing phone number and we are able to port your number, there is a $35 fee. This $35 simply covers a fee that CCI incurs by porting your number. There is no fee if you choose to get a new phone number.

Please note that to keep your existing phone number, it needs to be “active” when you switch to VOIP. If you cancel or disconnect your phone plan without transferring the number, it is very unlikely that we will be able activate it for you. 

CCI Wireless has access to the following area codes (depending on number availability):

  • 403 – Southern Alberta only
  • 780 – Nothern Alberta only
  • 587 – Alberta-wide
  • 825 – Alberta-wide

Does adding a Home Phone plan change my internet contract?

No. There is no contract for VOIP services. You may cancel the Home Phone plan at any time.

Will my existing telephone be compatible?

There is no need to buy new phone equipment. The outdoor equipment installed on your home that gives you access to the internet also has built-in phone capabilities, eliminating the need for any additional hardware. Your existing telephone, fax machine and in-house wiring will be compatible with CCI Wireless Home Phone service.

What is the quality of the sound?

Unlike other VOIP providers, CCI Wireless technology prioritizes phone conversations to ensure maximum voice clarity. While it could sound a little “tinny” if your internet bandwidth is being taken up by other uses in the home, you will be able to clearly hear your conversation even with less than 1Mbps available.

Do I have to pay extra for the calling features?

No! We include all calling features and voicemail as part of your package.

The features include: Voicemail, Voicemail to email, Caller ID, Call Forward, Call Waiting, Withhold Number, Sim Ring, Call Rejection and Call Blocking.

Do I still have E911 and 411 capabilities?

The service provides 411 and basic 911 services. For more details on the differences between Enhanced 911 and Basic 911 services, please review our 911 and VOIP Terms and Conditions at cciwireless.ca/911-and-voip-terms-and-conditions/.

It is imperative customers acknowledge that they read the 911 Terms and Conditions prior to subscribing to the service.

Is service disrupted during power outages?

If power outages are frequent and lengthy, we recommend customers install a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). Alternately, clients with a cell phone can take advantage of the Simultaneous Ring feature, which automatically calls other phone numbers in the event that your primary phone number is unreachable, ensuring you never miss a call.

What are the one-time costs?

In most cases customers will simply plug their existing phone into the telephone jack provided with the initial internet installation. There is no fee for adding a Home Phone Plan, and no cancellation fee.

If you would like to keep your existing phone number and we are able to port your number, there is a $35 fee. This $35 simply covers a fee that CCI incurs by porting your number. There is no fee if you choose to get a new phone number.

FAQ: CCI Customer Portal

Why should I use the CCI Customer Portal?

The CCI Wireless portal allows you to more flexibly view your account balance, pay monthly bills and update your personal information, without calling the CCI office. You can also set-up auto-payments, so you won’t have to login every month. Remember: every CCI plan includes unlimited data, so your monthly bill is always the same with no surprises.

Go to the Portal now

How do I sign up for the Portal?

Portal Registration, Step-by-Step:


When you became a CCI Wireless customer, you received an invitation in your email, containing a code unique to your account. Take note of this code.

You can search for this email: the title is “Registration Confirmation” and it was sent from “CCI Wireless Billing” at billing@cciwireless.ca.  If you can’t find the email, please contact us to be sent a new one: call 1-888-240-2224 or email billing@cciwireless.ca.


Open the CCI Wireless Customer Portal. On the “Customer Portal” page, there is “”Sign In” and “Redeem Invitation” tabs. Choose “Redeem Invitation.” In the space provided, type or paste the code emailed to you. Hit Register.  Do not click check box that says “I have an existing account.”


The portal will request you to enter a new password. Please make note of this password.


When a valid code has been entered, a confirmation email will be sent to the same email address. Once this email is received, click on “Complete Registration” within the body of the email. This will open your web browser. Sign in with the password created in Step 2.


Once you’re logged in, it’s a good idea to “Confirm Registration” by clicking on the link that appears above your personal information. This will send you a confirmation email to the email listed. You will not be able to edit your personal information until you’ve completed this step.

I made a payment through the portal, but it hasn’t shown up! Where is it?

If the portal indicates that your payment was successful, please be assured that the payment went through and it is making its way to us immediately. It can take about an hour for the portal to update itself with your payment and for your balance to be updated.

If you are concerned about a payment you made, please reach out to us by phone at 1-888-240-2224 or by email at billing@cciwireless.ca.

I received a registration code in my email. What do I do with it?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Visit this page: portal.cciwireless.ca/
  2. Choose the “Redeem Invitation” tab.
  3. In the space provided, enter the code you received.
  4. Click “Register.”
  5. When a valid code has been entered, a confirmation email will be sent.

Click here to see images of each of these steps. If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Once you’re logged in, it’s a good idea to “Confirm Registration” by clicking on the link that appears above your personal information. This will send you a confirmation email. Open this email and click on “Complete Registration” in the body of that email.”  You will not be able to edit your personal information until you’ve done this.

I entered my registration code, but it wasn’t accepted. What do I do?

Please try double-checking that you have entered the correct code. We suggest copying and pasting the code, making sure that there are no spaces before or after the code.

If this doesn’t work, please call us at 1-888-240-2224 or email us at billing@cciwireless.ca.

I’ve registered before but I now can’t login. What do I do?

If you can’t recover your account using “Reset Password,” please call us at 1-888-240-2224 or email us at billing@cciwireless.ca.

I clicked on “reset password” and nothing happened. What’s up with that?

You are either not registered in our system, or the information we have for you is incorrect. We can fix this for you by phone at 1-888-240-2224, or by email at billing@cciwireless.ca.

How do I add another authorized contact to my account?

If you’d like to add the contact information of a family member so that they may access your account information, please call us at 1-888-240-2224 or email us the new information from the email that is associated with your CCI Wireless account to customercare@cciwireless.ca.

How do I add/delete/update my credit card information?

Add a New Credit Card

  1. In the Billing tab of the Customer Portal, click on Payment Methods to expand that section.
  2. Click the blue button that says Add Payment Method.
  3. A new window will open. Fill out your payment information as directed. Please note that if you switch from Manual to Automatic posting, you are turning on automatic charges to your credit card that will appear on each billing date.
  4. When finished, click the blue Submit
  5. Back in the Payment Methods section of the Billing tab, your new payment method will appear. You can edit it at any time by returning to this section and clicking the drop-down menu on the far right of each payment method listed.

Update Credit Card Expiry Date

  1. In the Billing tab of the Customer Portal, click on Payment Methods to expand that section.
  2. There is a line for each payment method you have stored. Click on the drop-down at the end of the line for the credit card number you would like to update. Select Update Expiry Date from the list.
  3. A new window will appear. For your security, you will need to re-enter your entire credit card number and the new expiry date.
  4. Click the blue button that says Update Expiry Date when you’re finished.

Delete a Credit Card

  1. In the Billing tab of the Customer Portal, click on Payment Methods to expand that section.
  2. There is a line for each payment method you have stored. Click on the drop-down at the end of the line for the credit card number you would like to delete. Select Edit from the list.
  3. A new window will appear.

Important: You must first make sure this credit card will no longer automatically make payments to your account. Please read carefully to avoid accidentally making multiple payments in the future.

  1. There is only one editable field in this window. Depending what it shows, follow one of two options:

A) If the Posting field is set to “Automatic”:
• Change this to “Manual.”
• Click Submit.
• You will be returned to the Payment Options. Open the editing screen again.
• Click the blue Remove Card button.

B) If the Posting field is set to “Manual”:
• Click the blue Remove Card button.