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CCI Enhanced Home Wi-Fi

Get the most out of your internet plan! Enhanced Home Wi-Fi service improves the performance of your home network, automatically optimizing the fastest connections to all your devices, everywhere throughout your home.

Most struggles with internet connections are caused by poor Wi-Fi performance. In the modern home, there are lots of obstacles between you and your Wi-Fi: walls, multiple floors, large and complex layouts, interference from appliances like microwaves, and interruptions from smart products.

Without optimization, all your devices use up your bandwidth inefficiently… and with the challenges of rural infrastructure limiting the total bandwidth available to your home, every bit of performance counts.

With all these challenges to overcome, your home Wi-Fi might need a little enhancement!

Add Enhanced Home Wi-Fi to your CCI internet plan and experience the most reliable, frustration-free Wi-Fi that simply works.

Maximize Your Bandwidth

More devices, less frustration. Let Enhanced equipment intelligently manage the internet traffic in your home to get the most out of your internet plan.

Increase Your Coverage

Say good-bye to dead spots! Get high quality connections on all your devices with a seamless signal, everywhere you need it.

Plug & Play Set Up

Easy Self-Install with no wait for an appointment. Receive your new equipment and start befitting from seamless connections in moments.

Enhanced Service & Devices

CCI’s Enhanced Wi-Fi service is an intelligent system that automatically balances connections to all your connected devices, automatically adjusting to improve coverage and capacity as you move around your home. It dynamically manages traffic, allowing you to connect more devices without sacrificing performance, and automatically prioritizes the most demanding traffic types (like streaming!).

The Enhanced Home Wi-Fi modem gives you the latest-and-greatest in Wi-Fi technology, and allows CCI to take care of trouble for you. Your performance is monitored and can be optimized by our technicians without you lifting a finger.

Once you have Enhanced Home Wi-Fi, you can add Wi-Fi Extenders and connect every nook and cranny. Add up to 5 Extenders.

Enhanced Home Wi-Fi Service Plan



Choose this Add-On to any CCI home internet plan to maximize the performance of your service. Requires Enhanced Home Wi-Fi modem.

Enhanced Home Wi-Fi Modem


One-Time Equipment Purchase

Add the latest and greatest in Wi-Fi technology to your home to unlock the Enhanced Home Wi-Fi plan, covering up to 2,000 sq feet. Requires CCI internet service.

Optional Enhanced Wi-Fi Extenders


Optional Equipment Purchase(s)

Seamlessly extend your Wi-Fi signal to fit any home’s size and layout! Add Wi-Fi Extenders to reach around obstacles and eliminate frustrating “dead zones.” *Price includes shipping.

Install Options

If you’re a current customer, there’s no wait for an appointment. You can start maximizing your internet experience moments after receiving your Enhanced device in the mail.

If you are a new customer, Enhanced equipment set up will be included at the time of your regular Install & Set Up appointment. View general Install & Set Up details.

Easy Self Install


Pay only for Enhanced equipment

Setting up Enhanced Home Wi-Fi service is a breeze with only a few simple steps, and our Tech Support team is on standby to walk you through the plug-and-play process.

Optional Professional Install


Optional One-Time Fee

If you’re a current customer and not a fan of DIY, no problem. Our technicians are here to help! There is a One-Time site visit fee for an optional professional installation.

Get Enhanced Home Wi-Fi