Submit Emergency Response Location Details

When you call 911 using landline phone, emergency services is immediately provided with information about your location. As your phone provider, CCI Wireless gathers this information to submit to Emergency Services. You may also update your information by phone at 1-888-240-2224 or by email at customercare@cciwireless.ca.

Please make sure to keep your location information up-to-date in case of a 911 emergency call response request. 

Your VOIP Home Phone is not intended to be your only means of communication. CCI Wireless requires in our Terms of Service that you have a secondary means of communication, such as a cell phone, in case of emergency response requests. View aour General Terms and Conditions and our VOIP Terms of Service for complete information.

Address Examples:

  • Blue Sign: 300001 Range Road 5-5, Vulcan County, AB  T1A 1A1
  • City Address: 123, Hunt St, Calgary, AB  T1A 1A1

If you have not been provided with a physical blue/green sign or do not know what your rural address is, please make sure to contact your local registry or municipal office as they will provide you with this information.

Send your updated details now