Do you have an @cciwireless or @cciwired email address? This post is for you.

Do you have an @cciwireless or @cciwired email address? This post is for you.

Starting on May 27, 2021, CCI Wireless will be migrating email customers with @cciwireless.ca and @cciwired.ca email addresses to the email service shared with our affiliate company, Xplornet.

Xplornet’s email service will provide CCI Wireless users with many great features, including:

  • A reliable, stable and secure email service that Xplornet has been operating for over a decade
  • A large mailbox: enjoy much flexibility with 10GB of storage
  • Contacts and a calendar that can be synced to a mobile device (iOS and Android)
  • A new Webmail interface with email Password Recovery options
  • Cloud storage for files: A simple way to manage your files and have access to them anywhere. You can even share your files stored in webmail via links.
  • RSS feed: Keep up-to-date on topics that interest you with a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed right in your Webmail

If you are a CCI Wireless customer that has a @cciwireless.ca or @cciwired.ca email address (not all customers do), you will be receiving emails notifying you of this change and providing information on how the upgrade and transition will work.

We’ve also created a complete set of FAQs for you to reference here (please scroll to the section on EMAIL).

And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at 1-888-240-2224 or customercare@cciwireless.ca