Coverage Map

Check to see if your location is within our network area.

Green = Wimax
Red = LTE

Map last updated November 9, 2017

New LTE towers in 2017

Big Hill Springs (West Airdrie) / Bon Accord / Bunker Hill / Clive / Cooking Lake / Fulham / Harvard (Springbank & Rural Calgary) / Hayter / Heldar / Morinville / Winfield

LTE towers deployed in 2016

Blackfoot / Darwell / Didsbury / Duffield / Glory Hills / Kathyrn / Kavanaugh/ Pioneer / Seba Beach / Sturgeon Heights / Chip Lake / Fort Vermilion / High Level / Leavitt / Mountain View / Standoff West / Horse Lake / Carrot Creek / Carlos

*The coverage map is only an approximation of CCI Wireless' coverage area. It does not include obstructions due to trees, buildings, topography, etc.
Contact us directly for the most accurate assessment.


Not within the coverage area?  Want to be?

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