CCI Featured in This Week’s Western Producer!

This week’s edition of the Western Producer tells some of CCI’s story! The article quotes our CEO Jordan Young and explains some funding challenges of providing rural internet. Jordan speaks about the price of rural internet, and the social cost to communities that don’t have access: “They will get left behind if they don’t have connectivity,” he emphasizes.

“As a capital venture, the business case simply isn’t there,” says Jordan about the high investment cost of rural internet. “If the business case were there, some for-profit capital venture would have served this area already. It is so expensive to get that connectivity out, so you need companies that look at the investment differently.”

CCI thrives in situations calling for an innovate thinking. We are a co-operative, and our mission is to find innovate ways to get internet to rural communities, despite the high investment.

The article further explores the importance of reliable internet to rural economic development. as well as the role that both governments and for-profits will have to play to ensure the growth of small-town Alberta.

Thank you to the Western Producer for choosing to tell our story. Read the full article here: “Action urged to improve rural internet service” by Barbara Duckworth.