Alix, Mirror & Mundare are our 3 New Wired Towns!

Alix, Mirror & Mundare are our 3 New Wired Towns!

We’ve launched service in the villages of Alix, Mirror & Mundare.


To celebrate the launch of our three newest Wired Towns, we have special offers available to new and existing customers!


Three new towns have been added to our Wired service. If you live in Alix, Mirror or Mundare, you can “get wired”! Our Wired services provide unlimited data with speeds up to 50 Mbps, and is our most reliable internet connection, as it plugs directly into your home. Adding these three new locations brings us to a total of 17 Wired Towns across Alberta.

We are pleased to offer a new internet option in these communities, which is distinct from our classic wireless internet solution for rural and remote areas. Many current Wireless customers living in the villages will benefit from a faster Wired service plan.

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How Wired Works

Our mandate is to find the best customized solution to connect each area we serve, to provide inner-city connections to the outer limits.

Unlike our Wireless service, CCI Wired uses existing town infrastructure to feed a hard-wired connection to homes in small Alberta communities. Our partnership with TELUS allows CCI to deliver internet through copper phone lines, resulting in reliable internet without a huge construction cost. The hard-wired connection provides a higher-speed offering to each home within the town site.

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Can You Get Wired?

If you live within a Wired Town or you are within two kilometers of the town site, you can access Wired services. Due to signal degradation over longer distances, we cannot provide Wired service more than a couple kilometers outside town.

Our Calgary contact centre agents are ready to help you get the best plan for your needs. Speeds vary by location, so get in touch with us to get a speed quote for your exact address.