About CCI: An internet service provider built by rural Albertans, for rural Albertans.

CCI Wireless is an innovative communications technology company that delivers custom connectivity solutions to under-served and under-connected, made possible by Canadian ingenuity and customer-first attitude.

Our Story

CCI Wireless (Corridor Communications Inc.) is an Internet Service Provider to rural and remote Alberta. Our purpose is to power communities to their potential, by providing high speed internet to the under-served and under-connected areas of our province.

CCI is the product of nine visionary Alberta natural gas co-ops who, in 2007, realized that broadband internet was “the next essential service.” Still fully Alberta-operated and true to our grassroots ownership, we are governed by 16 shareholders – including Natural Gas Co-ops, two municipalities and one REA (Rural Electrification Association).

Becoming operational in 2010 with just 33 customers, CCI has grown in leaps and bounds from humble beginnings.

Today CCI Wireless operates 180+ carrier-grade towers across Alberta. We are proud to have deployed Canada’s first ever 4G network, providing improved coverage not only to rural residents, but also for enterprise applications. We have enabled “city like” utilities…  utility meter reading systems, Alberta First Responders’ Radio Communication System (AFRRCS) and municipal communication systems.

As of 2018, we are one of Canada’s largest WISPs, covering over 200,000 square kilometers. We reach 110,000 rural households and businesses, including more than 7,000 households across 17 Indigenous Peoples’ reserves.

Our Mission

CCI powers rural communities to their potential, by connecting them to the world via the internet and enabling long-term sustainability and viability.

The Future

Connection to reliable, high-speed internet is key to sustaining thriving rural communities and strong economies. The goal is to eliminate the digital divide for all rural Albertans who struggle with poor or no broadband services, thereby powering economic development and enabling long-term sustainability for rural life.

By increasing rural connectivity, the resulting jobs help diversity and grow our economy.  To date, we have directly created well over 100 Alberta-based jobs, and our grassroots partnership structure ensures that more of the resulting economic benefits will stay in our province.  The potential exists to expand the CCI Wireless offerings outside of Alberta, to other rural regions of Canada in need of better connectivity.

CCI is committed to constantly monitoring and upgrading our equipment, developing innovative solutions, investing in new types of wireless technologies. We will expand our service area and maintain high quality services to meet the rural demand for service without city infrastructure.

Why “Corridor” Communications?

We named ourselves after the “corridor” of prairie between Calgary and Edmonton, an area that needed better connectivity.

What We Value


Our entrepreneurial approach to providing internet to rural and remote regions will allow us to make a business case for affordable connectivity solutions where others cannot.


We will maintain a work environment where all our team members flourish, where we can create powerful products and be inspired by the impact we have on our customers.


To secure our future and the vitality of communities we serve, we’ll provide innovative solutions that are not defined by current rules or norms.


Connectivity upholds togetherness, in the way communities relate, grow, behave and govern themselves. We’re committed to enhance our communities through philanthropic efforts.

Our Co-op Ownership

Iron Creek Gas Co-op Ltd.

Chinook Gas Co-op Ltd.

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