Making Connections Possible, Wherever They are Needed. CCI delivers connectivity to the under-served. Making Connections Possible, Wherever They are Needed. CCI delivers connectivity to the under-served.

About CCI: An internet service provider built by rural Albertans, for rural Albertans.

CCI Wireless is an innovative communications technology company that delivers custom connectivity solutions to under-served and under-connected, made possible by Canadian ingenuity and customer-first attitude.

CCI Wireless (Corridor Communications Inc.) is an Internet Service Provider  in the province of Alberta, specializing in innovative wireless connectivity solutions for hard-to-reach places. Our purpose is to power communities to their potential, by providing high speed internet to the under-served and under-connected areas of our province.

Our Grassroots Story

In 2007, nine visionary Albertan natural gas co-ops realized that broadband Internet was ‚Äúthe next essential service‚ÄĚ and created CCI.

Becoming operational in 2010 with just 33 customers, to ten years later in 2020, having over 20,000 customers connected to our network; CCI grew leaps and bounds from our humble beginnings. We are incredibly grateful to our customers¬†‚ÄĒ who¬†invited¬†our grassroots¬†Internet company¬†to connect¬†them to the world.

In October of 2020, we made a pivotal step in the next chapter of our journey when we officially became a member of the Xplornet family.

Our Mission

CCI powers communities to their potential, by connecting them to the world via the internet and enabling long-term sustainability and viability.

The Future

Xplornet‚ÄĮand¬†CCI‚ÄĮhave always had‚ÄĮsimilar business goals¬†and grassroots origins.¬†Both companies exist to provide Internet¬†through innovative means.¬†Continuous hard work, innovation and investment¬†is needed to ensure¬†rural and remote¬†areas of our country¬†are not left¬†behind¬†without access to reliable, high speed Internet.¬†Xplornet‚ÄĮhas announced significant investments for rural‚ÄĮnetwork infrastructure that will benefit our CCI communities and expand our service area.

As part of the Xplornet family, CCI will be a part of a stronger network, and will be even better equipped to continue to invest in the rural Internet landscape and preserve the rural way of life. Connection to reliable, high-speed Internet is key to sustaining thriving rural communities and strong economies. Together, we will strive to eliminate the digital divide for all rural Canadians who struggle with poor or no broadband services, thereby powering economic development and enabling long-term sustainability for rural life.

Xplornet’s national broadband network for rural Canadians is at a formative point. Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH), fibre backbone, 5G wireless and satellite broadband plans are all in the works, and already being rolled out in various parts of the country. We are so happy to be a part of this national team bringing next generation technology to communities that need it most.

The same CCI team¬†is¬†here in¬†Calgary¬†to support you and we¬†remain passionately committed to‚ÄĮempowering our‚ÄĮunder-served communities¬†for years to come. As we embark on this next chapter, we remain forever grateful to those nine visionary Albertans who gave us our start. We will never forget our humble beginnings or their ingenuity to connect important areas of our province to what matters most.

Why “Corridor” Communications?

We named ourselves after the “corridor” of prairie between Calgary and Edmonton, an area that needed better connectivity.

What We Value


Our entrepreneurial approach to providing internet to rural and remote regions allows us to make a business case for affordable connectivity solutions where others cannot.


We maintain a work environment where all our team members flourish, where we can create powerful products and be inspired by the impact we have on our customers.


To secure our future and the vitality of communities we serve, we provide innovative solutions that are not defined by current rules or norms.


Connectivity upholds togetherness, in the way communities relate, grow, behave and govern themselves. We’re committed to enhancing our communities through philanthropic efforts.