10 Towers Upgraded to LTE in Grande Prairie and Slave Lake Regions

We’ve been upgrading towers all over the province this summer, and we’re ready to go live with one area – the Grande Prairie region is now covered by LTE internet from CCI Wireless on 10 new towers!

“LTE” stands for “Long-Term Evolution,” and it refers to a standard of technology, like 4G, that is much faster than the previously available 3G networks.

The towers are ready for us to upgrade existing customers from WiMAX to LTE, and we’re able to add new customers using the additional capacity. Call in and tell Customer Care that you’d like to be put on the upgrade list! Reach us at 1-888-240-2224 and select Option 2, or email us at customercare@cciwireless.ca. You can also ask us questions online on Facebook or Twitter.

There’s an exciting aspect to this tower upgrade. CCI has once again chosen the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation as a recipient of our corporate donations. This way, improving our network helps the Stollery’s “Network of Care,” which aims to improve care at many smaller clinics in northern Alberta, including several in Grande Prairie.

Research shows that kids who are sick recover better when they’re closer to home and to their loved ones. At the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, a cornerstone of our vision is to create a Network of Care to provide kids and their families with greater access to the Stollery standard of care where they – no matter where that is.

For every customer who upgrades to LTE, we’ll give $25 to benefit the Stollery. Don’t forget to Refer A Friend, either, because for every new Grande Prairie customer, the donation increases to $50 (and you still get the usual free month of service in return!).

To have an LTE upgrade, new equipment it required on your home. It’s a $150 charge, or $100 with a free month of service on a new two-year contract. We’re happy to answer any questions about LTE, your home’s connection and Stollery contributions.

Connect with us:

Phone 1-888-240-2224 and press 1 to select Customer Care

Email customercare@cciwireless.ca

Message our Facebook or Twitter (make sure to follow us for news and service alerts!)

Here are the 10 towers – are you ready to upgrade?!