More Speed

In a growing number of communities, LTE Technology allows faster streaming, faster downloads, faster uploads and a faster overall internet experience.

More Reliability

CCI Wireless was built by rural Albertans and is locally installed and operated.  Monitoring of our network 24/7 at our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre means more time online and faster fixes when problems do occur.

More Data

Unlimited data means worry-free internet use for your entire family or business.  A single, simple monthly payment, with no surprises.

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Perfecting Rural Connectivity

Welcome to CCI Wireless

Corridor Communications Inc. (trade name: CCI Wireless) is a product of exceptional vision of nine founding partners. Today, CCI Wireless has 17 shareholders including 14 gas co-ops, 2 municipalities, and 1 R.E.A. (Rural Electrification Association). These partners are co-operatives which formed many years ago to provide basic utility services (natural gas) to under-served Rural Albertans.

These same organizations recognized the requirement for delivery of another utility – broadband internet – to their regions. The goal is to eliminate the digital divide for gas coop members & all  rural Albertans who struggle with poor or no broadband services.  CCI Wireless has moved to the forefront as the Broadband provider of choice for Rural Alberta  by using licensed frequencies for distribution and  constantly monitoring and upgrading their equipment.   CCI Wireless is able  to provide the fast, consistent broadband connection that is required in today’s wired world.  When outages do happen a network of technicians throughout the province and redundant links throughout the network, ensures that customers experience very little down time.    With Unlimited Data, less downtime, and fast consistent speed, find out what tens of thousands of rural Albertan’s already know… get MORE with CCI Wireless.

Unlimited High Speed Rural Internet


Plans that don’t make you sacrifice performance or reliability, any time of day! Long gone are the days of having to browse in the middle of the night to get the performance you paid for. We strive to be as close to our posted speeds as possible.

How do we do it?


Bringing Rural Alberta Businesses unprecedented service, performance and reliability that they deserve. Our mission is simple: We want to be the organization you consult for all your communication needs.

CCI Wireless’ reliable network is a great solution for business customers

Hard-Wired Internet Service

cci_wired_logo_transAvailable in Daysland, Edgerton, Glendon, Hardisty, Irma, Mannville, Marwayne, Nampa, Warburg & Ryley
New hard-wired service up to 50Mbps

Connecting rural Albertans

CCI In The Community

What people say about CCI Wireless

Customer Testimonials

8 - 5 pm on weekends is a good idea. Numerous times something has gone wrong on a weekend with no one to call.  Probably only because I work on weekdays and probably miss any shutdowns then.  You are doing a good job.  Better than the rest I have been with.  Cheers!


Thank you - I love that you care enough about your customers to extend the tech support hours. When I first started with CCI a few years ago, the hours were much shorter and did not include weekends and it was extremely frustrating to be working with tight deadlines and then suddenly encounter internet problems at 5:20 p.m. on a Friday afternoon when your project is due at a print house before 8:00 a.m.on Monday morning.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - I truly do believe that CCI cares about the people they serve.


Access to the internet is as critical to a business as any other part of our municipal infrastructure.  CCI Wireless allows the municipality to effectively administrator critical utility services.

DerrickTaber, AB

CCI Wireless has helped connect us with our markets which are all over the world.  Marketing is everything - people have to be able to find you, and you have to be able to send your information out to the world.  And that's what we're doing here in the small town of Ponoka.

MarkPonoka, AB

Built by rural Albertans for Albertans :) This is one of the reasons I chose them when they first came to Duchess And you can always get help when needed.

JacquelineDuchess, AB

Switched to CCI Wireless from another provider from down east which never worked very well, now we have great service and reliable too. Thank you CCI.

JonCalmar, AB

I found the quality of your service and level of customer support over the years to be excellent, which is why I have recommended to the new owners.

GrantBig Lakes, AB

Hey cci wireless you are are the best internet company for rural residents and if it were my choice I would have your phone services too because you care about rural residents.

IanCypress, AB
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